the fairest

gustav klimt. adele bloch-bauer I, 1907.
picture taken from here via google images.


the end of an era

rest in peace
16-06-1917 – 7-8-2009

i don't know what cave i've been hiding in but i just found out that one of my favorite photographer, irving penn has passed away around two months ago. i always love the way he portrays women and textures. i adore his simplicity and his aesthetic. the world has lost a great talent.

pictures taken from various sources via the fashion spot and sudden exposure.


just like å from camilla åkrans

how the pronounce Ø from sølve sundsbø?. grace's friend said it's the same like roman alphabet o but you have to float your tounge a bit (insert big question mark here). i'm not sure about it because i ended up with excruciating jaw pain. my friend dannii also said it pronounce oa (soalve sundsboa) and other friend said it pronounce u as in 'burn' (sulve sundsbu).

anyone speak norwegian, help please?.


paris by parris

beautiful cityscape images from sarah parris. she's a director and projects manager for studio parris wakerfield, located in suffolk, united kingdom.

images are courtesy of sarah parris, taken from her glossom account.
click here if you want to visit her website.

party like a rockstar

merrymaking at immigrant, celebrating nicoline's birthday.

photos taken from kesya moedz jenan's facebook.


bewitching beauty

i really cannot spun away from the beautiful woman that is karen elson. photographed by sølve sundsbø.

photo - sølve sundsbø
model - karen elson

photos taken from fashion gone rouge.


in a state of tranquility

man ray. solarizzazione, 1931.
photo taken from here via google images.



editorial for cellardoor magazine - winter wonderland issue
post contains partial nudity.

photo - teuku ajie
make up & hair do - billy arya
model - diana bikbayeva

lost in reverie

check out my work for london based online fashion magazine; cellardoor magazine - winter wonderland issue.

the title is 'somewhere between dreams and reality' (page 68-75). eight pages editorial, photographed by teuku ajie. i'll post the complete pictures soon.


sketch and smudge

i always draw storyboard before doing a photoshoot. storyboard is a sketch of how to organize a story and a list of its contents (location, props, angles, clothes, make up, hairdo, accesories, etc). these are the storyboards from one of my favorite editorial; the wanderers tale.


21mm accessories acha septriasa adesagi adrean lim adrian suryapradipa advertisement campaign advertorial advina aldi indrajaya ana somik andien aisyah anditasy andra alodita andre wiredja andy chun angga okto anindita saryuf anja burck anna b announcement antie appreciation post atiqah hasiholan aya ayushita bali balthus bambie barry irawan beauty behind the scene benjamin bethany colson birthday wish bizzare blah blah blah bona soetirto bona sutirto book booklet bottega veneta bubah alfian burhan prawira cabaret cambodia casting catalogue cellardoor chelsea islan chipmunk cicely mary barker cinta laura citra kirana commercial cover dara warganegara daul kim dessy arianti dew magazine dewi darmawan dhany diana ross didiet maulana digital imaging dominique diyose doodle challenge dove dreams driu and tiago editorial elle indonesia elle style award eniko mihalik estee lauder event exhibition facebook status fakhri bohang fashion assistant fashion photographer fashion show felize nail art fimela flaming hippo lips friederich herman friends garuda in flight gina giovanni rustanto gisela wina glenn prasetya grace gunawan graphics grazia indonesia greg kadel gustav klimt hakim satriyo halloween harper's bazaar harry o helene hilarius jason pratana hiring hivi holiday hong kong hunting fields husein yunior ikat indonesia ike hartono iko uwais illustration inspiration irina stroganova iris strubegger irving penn iwan taufik jacky suharto jakarta jane djuarahadi jax magazine jeffry welly jenny chang jessie setiono jewellery joe lally joe taslim julie estelle julius bramanto karen elson karol kelly tandiono kiky lutan kimmy jayanti kristen mc'menamy ksenia kuningan city lala barbie lara lee linda lingerie lizzie parra loewe lookbook lukas vrtilek lukimages luna maya magdalena frackowiak man ray marcella tanaya mariana mariya marlene hariman marshall sastra mathwang kie max peh me likey men's folio miao michael cools michelle mikael jasin minimal gold models mom knows best more indonesia moreandmore muara bagdja my works natalia lebedeva new year nicoline patricia malina no no no numero obsession olivia jensen olivia pinkan oscar daniel paintings panji indra perfect 10 photobooth photography plaza indonesia polina poppie mayiesky portfolio preview priscilla myrna prisia nasution profile putra agung putri sulistiyowati raf simons raiki pasya raisa andriana raja siregar raline shah ratna ray caesar rebecca reti ragil rianti cartwight rinaldy a. yunardi RIP river viiperi romlah rommy andreas sasuwe rusly tjohnardi ryan ogilvy ryan tandya sad salvita decorte sapto djojokartiko sarah parris sean self portrait serge lutens shabura shandy aulia shireen sungkar shoes sigi wimala sister skas sony stanley allan stella tjia steph mac stephany yaya stevan steve wahyu steven meisel still life stylist sveta syaharani sølve sundsbø tania ledezma tara basro tatyana teaser tedza syahrial test shoot teuku ajie the moment you said wow travel story trax magazine twitter unpublished vanessa collins velove vexia vicky tanzil video viggo jonasson vincent sung violetta vita vogue homme japan vogue italy whulandary herman widika sidmore wilson eng wtf yoga septa zivana letisha